Finding a theme for your wedding can be hard

May 17, 2018 CCOM

Haven’t decided on a theme yet for your special day? Here are a few wedding themes sure to make a statement.

Vintage Glamour style weddings are some of the most popular themes now, there is something chic and stylish about the Glamorous Vintage look, gorgeous hats, and feathered flower centerpieces, chandeliers and candelabras that is very attractive for the classic or modern brides. Vintage Glamour is all about crystals, pearls, crystal vases, feathers you can use to accent your wedding reception table decorations.

Woodland or Rustic theme you can make this setting totally shabby chic, string lights from antiquated beams, and excite your guests’ senses with the smell of hay bales in the loft. The wonderful thing about a rustic wedding is that you can really include hearty, earthy, and natural elements into your big day. Pumpkins, tea lights hanging from fences, an antique cart filled with fall fruit, and even lanterns filled with seasonal flowers and pine cones are perfect ways to play up your theme and are ultra-affordable! Consider hosting your event in a rustic location like a barn.

Diamond theme you want to create and set the ambiance with touches of shine and glam. Your wedding look will be truly classy and romantic. Try to add fake diamonds anywhere you can, and nowadays it is not really difficult to do. You’ll find almost every accessory in diamond shapes—napkin rings, cake serving sets, even unity candles come detailed with it! If you don’t want to go with all the accessories just set a classy table and only spread clear diamond-shaped table jewels to set the mood for this theme.

Chinoiserie – Chinoiserie (pronounced as shēn-ˈwäz-rē) or the fanciful, whimsical, and flamboyant European interpretation of the Chinese styles, can actually work well as a wedding theme if you’re looking for a rather uncommon, not-your-usual-rustic-shabby-chic-type of wedding. Influenced by the artistic influences and designs from China, Japan and other Asian countries, a Chinoiserie Chic wedding is rich with Zen elements and Oriental style such as porcelain designs and Asian exotic prints. Paper Floral is a great way to incorporate this theme in to your wedding.