Chiavari Chair Rental in Michigan: What to Use for Wedding Chairs

March 3, 2015 CCOM

Every wedding has a unique style that is reflective of the bride and groom’s personality, which is why there are many factors that affect the process of choosing which elements will go into your wedding. MI chiavari chair rental companies like Chiavari Chair of Michigan say that aside from setting the right ambiance, you should also keep in mind the comfort of your guests. After all, not only is this a once in a lifetime event but also a gathering of the most precious people in your lives.

Chiavari Chair Rental in Michigan

Choosing the right chairs for your wedding is important because it provides a good impression of your event as well as you as the host. Below is a short guide on what type of chairs you can use in this special event:

Ghost Chair

The ghost chair is perfect for contemporary or modern-themed weddings. These transparent and sleek-looking chairs add interest and uniqueness to your wedding reception, day or night. Though the fee for renting this type of chair might give you goosebumps, the overall effect is nothing short of spectacular.

Chameleon Chair

The chameleon chair is also commonly used for small weddings with contemporary settings. Aside from its trendy looks, you can also attach different kinds of accessories to the chair to make it easier to blend into its surroundings.

Versailles Chair

For a formal and traditional-themed wedding, you can opt for the Versailles chair also known as the opera chair. Opera chairs are great for indoor receptions with simple or vintage settings. The rental fee for this chair is reasonable enough for small groups of guests.

Tuffeted or Pleated Chair

This type of chair is perfect for formal wedding ceremonies and receptions. Since it uses fabric and other materials, you can easily accessorize pleated chairs to help them blend in with your chosen theme or decorations. As for rental fees, pleated chairs are the most affordable option especially for weddings with a large number of guests.

Chiavari Chair

The most sought-after chair for weddings and other events is the chiavari chair. This type of chair comes in different colors that will surely add to the elegance of your theme whether you’re going for a modern or traditional look. According to a chiavari chair rental in Michigan, its dynamic but classy look makes it a hot item for any type of event and many organizers swear by it.

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