Michigan Chiavari Chair Rentals Complement Classic Wedding Themes

November 17, 2014 CCOM

In planning your wedding, one of the first things you need to decide on is the theme. This is very important as it will set the tone and play a role in almost every other aspect of the event, from the choice of venue to the party favors.

Wedding themes have become much varied and colorful in recent times, with influences coming from practically everywhere. Nowadays, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear of a Star Wars or a Harry Potter themed wedding. Some themes, however, have remained popular through time, and five of them are featured in an article by Stefania Sainato in Bridal Guide: vintage, rustic chic, classic romance, ethnic or multiracial, and seaside.


Of these, classic romantic weddings hold the most appeal, and perhaps, are the least difficult to plan. It is a timeless theme that celebrates traditions. Here are some pointers on how you can achieve a beautiful, classic wedding.


Michigan couples-to-be have a wide array of venues to choose from. There are, of course, topnotch hotel ballrooms that would be perfect for this theme; but if you want to give your wedding an extra special flavor, consider a historical landmark, like the Macomb Music Theatre in Mount Clemens, or The Colony Club Detroit.


Nothing can define a wedding theme more than the decors. Flowers play a big role in classic weddings. Use the flowers of the season, like manzanita branches for winter, or peonies and poppies in spring. Gold and silver accents also work well for classic weddings.

Also, don’t overlook the chairs. Guests may not pay much attention to other details like the carpeting, but their eyes will naturally follow table arrangements. Italian designed chiavari chairs would be perfect for a classic wedding theme, conveying elegance and timelessness. Call on Michigan chiavari chair rental companies for quality chairs at affordable rates.


White is a staple in classic weddings, from the bride’s dress to the decors. However, the colors of the season may also be incorporated to liven things up. In winter, red is often used to contrast with the white; while in spring, pastels evoke the freshness of the season.

Linens, drapes, and chairs have to blend in with the motif. Good fabrics for winter would be velvet, satin, or lace in rich hues like crimson or cobalt. Silver or gold chiavari chairs can perfectly complement the elegant setting. Notable chiavari chairs rental in Michigan like Chiavari Chairs of Michigan, LLC can provide these seats in classy colors and finishes to enhance your classic wedding.

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