Fun Weddings: On Michigan Chiavari Chair Rental and Outdoor Settings

August 15, 2014 CCOM

Preparing for a wedding in Michigan isn’t normally fun, especially if it’s held outdoors. However, with some simple items and a lot of creativity, to complement the Michigan Chiavari chair rental company and catering service, this hectic event could be fun for everyone. Peggy Wang, Buzz Feed staff writer, shares some ways to turn simple objects into ingenious and elegant solutions.

32 totally ingenious ideas for an outdoor wedding

Avoid that sinking feeling
If the celebration will be held on a lawn, the author suggests informing the guests in advance to wear appropriate footwear. Those who miss the memo can be provided stiletto heel covers to prevent them from sinking. Likewise, medium concrete blocks could be positioned for bridesmaids and sponsors to stand on.

Cute party favors
As a novel activity for everyone, try dangling a photo frame from a tree branch with lace curtains to create a makeshift photo booth. An ice cream cart for cold treats could also be hired to add to the festive atmosphere. If there will be dancing, flip-flops could be given to keep and use during the reception.

Cushies for tushies
Chairs should have cushions since there aren’t many places to sit outdoors without getting soiled. Find a Chiavari chairs rental in Michigan to take care of this. For ceremonies held in warm weather, it’s a brilliant idea to provide parasols, hankies, sunglasses, bottled water, and even sunblock for guests. Make sure that the flowers in the venue are hydrated as well. High-velocity fans and insect repellant are also welcome features.

Light the way
When it gets dark out, use flowers and holiday lights fastened to medium-length sticks (similar to tiki torches) to form a makeshift aisle for the couple. Camping lights placed under colored tablecloths will create a soft glow and add to the elegance of the event.

Don’t forget the mikes
A reliable sound system is a must at weddings, indoor or out. Coordinate the sound requirements with your equipment supplier. Avoid the meek karaoke machines. Nothing whispers elegance more than a professional setup. With that, your friends and family will be able to hang on to the bride and groom’s every word.

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